We offer safe, reliable and fun. We do this because we love it! We pride ourselves on the quality care and high level of communication that we provide. We are inclusive and work with animals regardless of age, breed or special need, including geriatric and hospice animals. Our walkers/sitters are experienced, compassionate, patient as well as Pet First Aid/CPR certified and background checked. Safety for your pet and home is our #1 priority. 

We offer Specialized Pet Care to fit the needs of you and your pet. Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Day Care, Adventure Hikes, Happy Hour (extended play session), Training, Boarding (in our home), Overnights (in your home), Pet Taxi Services and more. Trusted, Licensed, Insured, Bonded. GPS Tracking.

Service Area
We are proudly based in Pennsport and service most of South Philadelphia including Passyunk, Bella Vista, Point Breeze and Queen Village. 

Dog Walking/Pet Visit 
Dog walks include GPS tracking, fun photos, informative updates, a doggie report card, water refresh and food/medicine as needed. Pet visits (cats/other animals) include fun photos, informative updates, a kitty report card, water refresh, food/medicine as needed and litter box scooping. For extra playtime, cuddles, medicine, etc. add time as needed. 
15 Minute Walk/Visit = $13
30 Minute Walk/Visit = $18
60 Minute Walk/Visit = $29

Extra Pets +$3 per walk/visit
Weekends (Sat/Sun) +$5 per walk/visit
Before/After Business Hours (9am-7pm) +$5 per walk/visit

Boarding/Sleepover (at PHL PETS) = $75  (limited availability)
We offer a crate free non-traditional take on boarding. A sleepover is a visit to our home where your dog will enjoy the company of our dog Rio and have full run of the house and yard. It’s like your dogs home away from home. Sleepovers include walks, feeding, playtime and tons of love. We have a great yard and live near the best parks.  

1st Extra Pup +$10 per night 
2nd Extra Pup +$5 per night  

House Sitting/Sleepover (at Clients House) = $75  
We offer this option for animals who are more comfortable in their own environment. We stay in your home with your pet keeping them in routine and feeling safe. This service also includes walks, feeding, play/interaction and all the love your animal can handle. For no additional charge we will bring in your mail, lightly water plants and make sure home and pets are safe and secure.   

1st Extra Pup +$10 per night  
Per Additional Pups +$5 per night  

Puppy/Dog Training and Owner Coaching 
We offer varied programs to cover issues such as: Basic commands, Potty training and controlling the environment, Crate training, Stay with durations, distance and distractions, Stop problem biting, chewing and jumping, Come when called (different environments), Leash walking (different environments), Door manners and specific issues and concerns at home.  We will curate our program to specifically fit your needs.  

Dina has studied with Dr. Ian Dunbar in science based dog training and she has attended his dog trainer academy.  She has studied behavioral courses with Victoria Stillwell and is accredited in Animal Psychology and Behavior. 

Contact us for current rates and more information on how we can help you live a more enriched life with your beloved pet.  Learn ways to stop, reduce or resolve unwanted behaviors in your dog and create a standard for the dog of your dreams. 

Holiday Rate (for all services) +$10 visit
New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve

All services over $300 require a 50% deposit prior to service. 

Extra Service Charges
Dog Walks/Pet Visits
$5 same day cancellation
$5 same day add-on
Full Price if cxl within 2 hours of scheduled visit
Full price if we arrive and are not needed

25% due if cancelled 7 days prior to start of service
50% due if cancelled with less than 7 days prior to start of service
$20 same day overnight booking