A PHL PETS review by Dawn B.

June 2022 by Dawn B. (Bella Vista)
Posted on Google Reviews

Hello! We are sharing this incredible review posted on Google this week by Dawn B.

Dina and PHL PETS is exactly the type of pet sitter you want if you’re a helicopter mom. My old furbaby is 16 years old and thanks to becoming a work from home COVID parent he’s more needy than ever. It became really important to me to find a service that wasn’t just going to run in, throw down food and run out with no back up system. I need someone who can spend time with him, administer his meds and just hang out. I have no problem with paying for extended and multiple visits because the peace of mind and my guy’s comfort is what is most important to me. My husband and I travel out of the Country a lot and I feel really guilty leaving him in an empty house.

Upon their arrival one morning they knew something was very wrong with Mr. B and immediately Dina’s team was on it. Both the owner Dina and our Super Sitter Jasper called me, got him to the ER and gave me a full report and video of what was going on – they had someone wait with him at the hospital, were in constant contact with me throughout the process and complete life savers. When your are almost 4,000 miles away – you absolutely want this team on the job. Not once did I think – what is going on, because they were ahead of the game.

Jasper, one of their sitters is AMAZING. My old guy is in complete love with her and their owner Dina is a perfectionist.

They have a portal and encourage your details. Whether it is your house alarms, pet routines, your fur baby’s quirks, videos, notes, you name it – whatever is going to help them be most efficient – consistent – and transparent is welcomed.

Dina runs a finely oiled machine while being compassionate and just an all around good person. I even remember when I initially reached out to her in preparation for an upcoming trip a few months out. She asked if it was okay for us to iron things out after the holidays because she was trying to give her staff a much needed break for the holidays because they all worked so hard – I think she was handling the shifts to give them a break.

I get the sense that Dina cares not only for the pets she services, but her employees, and THAT is what I also want to feel with people that I choose to do business with.

Dawn B’s cat Bruno

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