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Safe & Fun! Boarding at PHL PETS.

We’ve enjoyed all the extra paws in our house lately! Life is infinitely better when you’re surrounded by animals.

Looking for a SAFE & FUN home environment for your pup while you’re out of town?  We have a large backyard, live near a bunch of parks and travel around the city for walks. Our ambassador Rio (2.5 yr Terrier mix) is great walking/playing companion

Disclaimer: Dogs receive love and attention 24/7. You will receive awesome media updates of your pet while you’re gone and you can watch them play on Instagram @welovephlpets.

Contact us and reserve your pets sleepover today! Extended stays available.  All ages & breeds accepted.

Below are a just few of our recent furry house guests, having fun and getting all the love.

Richard (11 yr. pure Mutt)

Lola (9 mo. Lab mix)

Velvet (8 mo. American Bully)

Biscuit (2 yr. Cavalier)


Suki (9 yr. Chihuahua)

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